Orientation and Mobility

Mission Statement

Orientation and Mobility (O&M) services at the California School for the Blind (CSB) prepare students for responsible travel in the community to their safest level of independence. Services are tailored to meet the assessed needs of the individual student and are provided through direct one-to-one instruction and professional consultation with classroom teachers, dormitory staff, and families.

About Orientation and Mobility

A wide variety of O&M concepts and skills are taught at CSB. Orientation activities include the development of body image and the teaching of useful spatial and environmental concepts. Mobility activities combine a student's emerging orientation skills with use of human guide and protective techniques, indoor route travel in classroom, dormitory, and home settings, instruction with the long cane and/or low vision devices, and outdoor travel on campus and in the community. O&M and related skills such as time, money, shopping, communication, and social skills are combined in exciting ways both in individual and group travel to build confidence and enable students to participate as fully as possible in community activities with their schoolmates and families.

CSB's O&M program stresses the concept of responsible travel. Specialists encourage students to do whatever they can safely do on their own and help them to recognize when they need assistance. By teaching them how to assertively obtain that assistance from family members, school staff, store clerks, and the public, students work toward achieving their travel-related goals.

Meet the Orientation and Mobility Specialists

The 2023 O&M department poses arm in arm under the shade of a tree on the CSB campus. From left to right stands Laura Simpson, Kristi Barrella, Alicia Mendoza, Stacey Colley and Katie Marin. Laying down on the grass is Nanook, a CSB ambassador dog.