Enrichment Activities

The California School for the Blind (CSB) provides students with several opportunities to participate in enrichment activities to enhance classroom learning.

Each school year, CSB students take part in activities such as field trips, school clubs, the Braille Bee, assemblies, sports, and many more! One of the many benefits of enrichment activities is the lasting effects it has on a student's motivation, character, attitude, and interests. These activities also help our students to further grow academically, socially and cognitively.

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The California School for the Blind encourages students to join student clubs to learn more about themselves and to learn how to work with a team. Joining school clubs also help students learn leadership skills and it can enhance students' resumes. Some clubs offered at CSB include Glee club, CSB singers, and Peacemakers club. Speak to a teacher for more information on student organizations on the CSB campus.

Field Trips

Students are provided with several opportunities to attend field trips to gain first-hand experience about topics learned in the classroom. Previous field trips include visits to the following places:

  • Baywood Equestrian Center for Horseback Riding
  • Guide Dogs for the Blind
  • NASA's Ames Research Center
Two CSB students wearing safety helmets as they pet a pony's face at the Baywood Equestrian Center during a class field trip.

Horseback Riding.

Two CSB students participating in an activity at a NASA exhibit with the help of a NASA guide. Both students are facing each other while sitting on a horizontal wide beam, which is elevated off of the ground. A few other students are pictured sitting around the exhibit, watching and listening to the two participants engaging in the activity.

NASA Exhibit.