Standardized Testing

Smarter Balanced Statewide Assessment

Standardized tests will be online. Despite what you think, it’s not completely asinine. Want it in braille, audio, or large print? If you don’t set it up right, your kid will need to squint. Did you try to buy an embosser and an electronic display? If you did, your business manager probably started to sway. Have you questioned if your student has the right skills? You better start early because trying to catch up has no frills. In addition to thoroughly explaining the test, you’ll get a chance to see CSB at its best.

  • Come to our Conference Presentations at CTEVBI External link opens in new window or tab.
  • The Smarter Balanced Report PowerPoint Presentation (updated 3-17-15)
  • Test Settings B (This document is designed to be double sided when printed)
  • California Braille Requirements (information and how-to's for setting up the test for braille users)
  • Braille Students: Which Tests use a refreshable braille display and which will need an embosser
  • Braille Students: Software and Hardware Resources
  • ELA Braille test (without speech) tips and tricks
  • Smarter Balanced Support and Accommodation form