Adapted Physical Education Program

The Adapted Physical Education department is committed to providing quality and tailored programs that build knowledge, movement skills, social well-being, confidence, and physical literacy in a positive and safe environment. Adaptations are made to ensure each student is afforded an opportunity for safe and meaningful participation. Our goal is for each student to embrace healthy lifestyles and become empowered through physical activity.

High School and Transition Program

High School and Transition aged students participate in a community-based APE program. Through units in hiking, bowling, ice-skating, rock climbing, boating, and fitness training, students improve physical and muscular endurance, problem solving abilities, and understanding in food choices.

Elementary and Middle School Program

The elementary and middle school programs emphasize selected fundamental motor skills that facilitate the development of movement patterns necessary for increased physical independence and mobility as well as the participation in sports. Motor skills and patterns are learned through individual and group games, aquatics, dance, and cooperative activities. The curriculum includes units in goal ball, basketball, track, beep soccer, beep kickball, beep baseball, conditioning, gymnastics, and swimming.

Two students bowl side by side at the local bowling alley.
Six students rest on a bench after a hike through Muir Woods.
A teacher offers instruction to a group of students sitting on a mat in the gym.
A teacher and two students propel a pedal boat across a nearby lake.
Paddle Boats
A teacher uses a tether to guide a student during a run at a nearby park.
A teacher offers advice to a student during a goal ball game.

Goal Ball

Three classmates stand together and smile during the Walk Against Hunger event.
Walk Against Hunger