Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Admissions

  • A parent in our district is requesting placement at CSB. What happens next?
    Please refer to our Admissions Process page for information regarding the process for referring a student to CSB.

  • Can the parents make the referral to CSB themselves?
    No. The California Code of Regulations (§17665(a)) requires that the LEA (school district) make the referral to CSB by submitting an application packet to CSB. If a parent calls CSB requesting an application packet, they will be referred back to their LEA to make the request.

  • Can families and districts take a tour of CSB before making the decision to refer?
    Absolutely! We love having families and districts tour our campus and see all that CSB has to offer. Tours also provide the opportunity to have many of your questions answered. You may schedule a tour by contacting Carla Shah, who can be reached at 510-936-5623 or

  • Can CSB attend an IEP meeting before a referral has been made to CSB, so that we can learn more about the program options at CSB?
    CSB does not attend IEP meetings for students who are not currently enrolled in our program. We are happy to send written information regarding our referral process as well as our range of program options, but are unable to attend IEP meetings or make recommendations or programming commitments for student who have not yet been referred to CSB. You (or the family) are also welcome to contact CSB directly for further information regarding the referral process and available programs.

    One thing we do highly encourage is that the district and/or family take a tour of CSB prior to the referral. This is a great way to see what CSB has to offer and familiarize yourself with our campus and programming. Tours are coordinated by Carla Shah, who can be reached at 510-936-5623 or

  • Can you fax us the application packet?
    Due to the length of the applications (one for the parent and one for the district) as well as instructions and several other documents in the packet, faxing them is not feasible at this time. However, we have packets ready to be sent out at any given time, so if you give us a call we can usually get a packet mailed out to you within a day or two. Contact Carla Shah at 510-936-5623 or in order to request an application packet.

  • We received a letter from CSB stating that more information was needed in order for CSB to process the referral. What's going on?
    We send a document checklist in the application packet that lists everything we need from the district. All of these documents, as well as all forms in the referral packet, must be returned to CSB. If any of these documents are missing, we need to have them before we can proceed. Sometimes we receive the needed documents but some aspect is missing, for example, one of the documents is returned unsigned or certain sections were not completed. We recommend that you keep a copy of the packet before sending it, so that if something is missing you can refer back to the original packet you sent. Sometimes things fall through the cracks and it is possible that someone forgot to include one of the specified documents. If you need a new copy of something from the original application packet, contact Carla Shah at 510-936-5623 or

  • We received a letter from CSB indicating that the student has been accepted for an Assessment of Suitability for Placement. What is this?
    The Assessment of Suitability for Placement is an assessment completed by CSB that helps to determine whether or not CSB has an appropriate program to meet all of a student's needs. The assessment usually includes a temporary placement at CSB lasting up to 60 days. During the temporary placement at CSB, the student is assessed by his or her classroom teacher, school psychologist, and appropriate Related Service providers. Weekly reports are sent to the district and family to keep them apprised of the student's progress at CSB, as well as to indicate any areas of concern.

  • The Assessment of Suitability for placement letter also indicates that a meeting has been scheduled for the student's first day at CSB. Who needs to attend this meeting?
    An intake meeting will take place on the student's first day at CSB. The Assessment of Suitability for Placement will begin on the date of the intake meeting and will include a temporary placement at CSB lasting up to 60 calendar days. The student and parent/guardian are required to attend the intake meeting in person in order to sign an assessment plan, meet some of the teachers who will be working with the student, and participate in a brief CSB orientation.

  • How much does it cost for a student to attend CSB, and who pays that cost?
    The cost for CSB differs based upon whether the student is a day student or a residential student.

    Residential students are defined as those who "reside beyond a 60-minute commute each way between home and CSB using transportation the LEA provides for day pupils." Residential students come to CSB on Sunday evenings and return home on Friday afternoons, on a weekly basis, residing in a dormitory on campus during the school week. The cost to the district for a residential student is 10% of the unreimbursed costs to the state for educating and housing the student. This includes educational services, residential services, food, board, and all transportation costs. Generally, this amount can vary between $12,000 and $16,000 annually. This amount is deducted directly from the state allocation of funds for the school district; the district is not invoiced or billed.

    For day students, CSB does not charge the district any fees and no funds are taken from the district. However, the district is fully responsible for transporting the student to and from CSB each day.