Staff Directory

Contact information for staff at the California School for the Blind.

Last Name First Name Classification Telephone Email
Abesamis Luz Information Technology Associate 510-936-5529
Aleman Francelle Night Attendant 510-936-5520
Armstrong Molly Adapted Physical Education Teacher 510-936-5599
Avendano Max Assistive Technology Specialist 510-936-5507
Barrella Kristi Orientation & Mobility Specialist 510-936-5572
Bezdikian Ale Education Teacher 510-936-5585
Blackshear Jim Vocation Teacher 510-936-5570
Bohn Paula Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Breeden Christina Teaching Assistant 510-936-5531
Cedros Karen Braille Literacy Teacher 510-936-5659
Chang Thanh Education Teacher 510-936-5579
Chopra Abha Education Teacher 510-936-5647
Colley Stacey Orientation & Mobility Specialist 510-936-5568
Copeland Julie Occupational Therapist 510-936-5649
Dalli Anthony Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Daniels Anthony Supervising Counselor 510-936-5519
DiBernardo Maria Education Teacher 510-936-5662
Dominguez Debbie Counselor 510-936-5519
Dominguez Paul Counselor 510-936-5520
Flushman Zach Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Fokes Karen Counselor 510-936-5531
Fokes Nalinda Counselor 510-936-5519
Gaoiran Marino Materials and Stores Specialist 510-936-5590
Garcia Kimberly Office Technician 510-936-5547
Gaully Aniefiok Counselor 510-936-5531
Gokhale Ramani Teaching Assistant 510-936-5635
Gonzales Regina Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Grandstaff David Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Grandstaff Valerie Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Graves Marcus Office Assistant 510-936-5504
Green Cindy Transition Teacher 510-936-5644
Gunn Veronica Curriculum Specialist 510-936-5515
Guy Taylor Adapted Physical Education Teacher 510-936-5598
Hart Elizabeth Librarian 510-936-5575
Hart Michael Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Healy John Supervising Counselor 510-936-5536
Henry Rebecka Speech and Language Pathologist 510-936-5562
Herlich Stephanie Assessment Center Coordinator 510-936-5524
Herndon Vanessa Assistive Technology Specialist 510-936-5605
Hody Holly Education Teacher 510-936-5578
Hogle Erica Short-Term Courses Coordinator 510-951-1889
Hua Luong Custodian 510-936-5504
Huggins Eddie Lead Custodian 510-936-5588
Hurst Crystal Assistive Technology Teacher 510-936-5525
Inocencio Alyssa Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Jimenez Joseph Maintenance Mechanic 510-936-5588
Kalluru Vani Staff Services Analyst 510-936-5586
Lam Winifred Counselor 510-936-5520
Landreth Delainey Office Technician 510-936-5511
Lane Tena Teacher Assistant 510-936-5504
Lang Erica Teacher Assistant 510-936-5504
Latchison Patrick Security Guard 510-714-7795 or 510-714-9058
Lee Ken Custodian 510-936-5504
Lee Stanley Office Technician 510-936-5517
Lloyd Charles Music Teacher 510-936-5580
Lottis Leticia Spanish Interpreter 510-936-5576
Manning Julie Psychologist 510-936-5607
Marin Katie Orientation & Mobility Specialist 510-936-5566
Marks Louise Executive Secretary 510-936-5546
McCammond Claudia Associate Personnel Analyst 510-936-5584
McDaid Ashley Psychologist 510-936-5561
McGrath Kate Transition Teacher 510-936-5626
Mello Allison Assistive Technology Specialist 510-936-5661
Mendoza Alicia Orientation & Mobility Specialist 510-936-5574
Michaud Tina Transition Teacher 510-936-5665
Mitchell Morgan Staff Services Analyst 510-936-5521
Nemani Seshadri Personnel Specialist 510-936-5513
Nguyen Elizabeth Education Teacher 510-936-5611
Nguyen Hugh Custodian 510-936-5504
Nguyen May School Psychologist 510-936-5565
Ordenana Jamilette Counselor 510-936-5531
Ortiz Michael Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Perez Marcos Business Manager 510-794-3818
Peterson Sam Low Vision Clinic and Classroom Coordinator 510-936-5526
Pickney Barbara Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Pickney Deloris Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Pickron Eleanor Reader for the Blind 510-936-5606
Picon Deborah Counselor 510-936-5520
Qureshi Javed Security Guard 510-714-7795 or 510-714-9058
Renslow Kelly Supervising Counselor 510-936-5510
Renslow Mary Counselor 510-936-5509
Rodriguez-Barajas Paloma Psychologist 510-936-5560
Rudder James Staff Services Analyst 510-794-3864
Salcedo Dion Security Guard 510-714-7795 or 510-714-9058
Samosa Isabelle Staff Services Analyst 510-794-3817
Seinn Maw Night Attendant 510-936-5520
Shah Carla Staff Services Analyst 510-936-5623
Simpson Laura Orientation & Mobility Specialist 510-936-5571
Smith Marisa Psychologist 510-936-5564
Smith Susan Education Teacher 510-936-5664
Solomon Tamar Speech Language Pathologist 510-936-5549
Spencer Glenn Night Attendant 510-936-5519
Tan Jason Office Technician 510-936-5609
Tayam Minda Art Teacher 510-936-5620
Thao Paul Information Technology Supervisor 2 510-936-5577
Thom Andi Education Teacher 510-936-5624
Trierweiler Victor Speech Language Pathologist 510-936-5596
Tucker Jason Counselor 510-936-5519
Tumaneng Letitia Counselor 510-936-5519
Udeze Charles Supervising Counselor 510-936-5518
Ventura Renee Custodian 510-936-5504
Vera Cruz Arielle Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Vera Cruz Clara Counselor 510-936-5520
Vera Cruz Meliza Counselor 510-936-5520
Wycoff Kris Transition Teacher 510-936-5673
Wycoff Elizabeth Teaching Assistant 510-936-5504
Yamada Nanako Teacher Specialist 510-936-5569
Zhao Mark Information Technology Specialist 510-936-5530
Zimmerman Shelby Assessment Center Teacher Specialist 510-936-5567
Zurndorfer Julie Psychologist 510-936-5607 N/A