Art Program

The art program supports the school's mission of preparing students to become independent citizens. Art classes provide opportunities to practice self-determination and creative expression. Ceramics, drawing, painting, and sculpture aid in developing spatial concepts, tactile discernment, and fine motor skills.

Student smiling while painting a picture, with the quote "Every human being is endowed with a creative spirit" by Viktor Lowenfeld above the picture.

The guiding principle of the program is the belief that "every human being is endowed with a creative spirit" (Viktor Lowenfeld, 1957). Enjoyment of the arts is one area within the Expanded Core Curriculum. Participating in art has benefits for all students, including those who have visual impairments.

The art room offers young people a safe place to do art. Students are encouraged to pursue their interests, make choices, and engage in the creative process as independently as possible. Materials are labeled in both braille and large print for accessibility. A non-judgmental approach allows students to explore a variety of media and have fun while developing skills.

Students participate -and have won awards- in local and national art exhibits, including the Insights Art Competition sponsored each year by the American Printing House for the Blind. CSB also celebrates students' work with the annual Spring Art Show, an opportunity for all to enjoy the pieces made during the year.

Visit the art room. See, and touch, work made by young people who love doing art, who think of themselves as creative individuals, and are thrilled when their work is appreciated by others.

"Making things can help open your mind, and maybe even cheer you up."
- Joshua G.

For more information please contact:

Minda Tayam, Art Teacher

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