Art Gallery-Ceramics and Sculptures

Ceramic and paper mache art created by students at the California School for the Blind.

Ceramic frog, birds, cup and dish.

Ceramics by Fernando.

Small animal figures- turtles, cats, and dogs, with pinch pot and cup ceramics.

Ceramics by Amara.

Blue ceramic horse with blue yarn for mane and tail.

Blue Horse, ceramics by Donte.

Ceramic cheetah standing on shredded green paper grass on a green wooden base.

Cheetah, ceramics by Alissa.

Green ceramic crocodile on blue wooden base.

Ceramic by Ahmad.

Ceramic sculpture of a red dog with orange flames.

Fire Dog, ceramic sculpture by Drew.

Ceramic cup, pizza, spaghetti, burger and fries, apple, donuts, and other snacks.

Ceramics by CSB students (Austin, Carlos, Gaby, Becky, Manny, Ricardo and others).

Ceramic of watermelon, banana, apple and other fruit in a square fruit dish.

Fruit, ceramics by Fernando.

Ceramic person sitting in a chair, feet resting on a foot stool, and facing a ceramic TV.

Donte Watching Cleveland versus Warriors Basketball, ceramics by Donte.

Ceramic sculpture of a wolf, lying down on a rectangle shaped, blue, wooden base.

Wolf, ceramic sculpture by Athena.

Paper mache blue athletic shoes with white cap toe.

Shoes, paper mache by Felix.

Paper mache shoes with multiple shades of pink.

Pink Shoes, paper mache by Natalie.

Ceramic of a two tone boot with blue and white top, and brown foot.

Boot ceramic by Sarah and Austin.

Round ceramic bowl, with ruffle top, green exterior, and pink interior.

Ceramic Bowl by Isabel.

Ceramic cube with purple sides and red top, adorned with buttons.

Ceramic Box by Michelle.

Hallow, brown ceramic dog head sculpture.

Ceramic sculpture by Roberto.

Light blue ceramic art piece, and green and blue ceramic art piece.

Ceramics by Jorge.

Dark gray, face mask sculpture.

Peaceful Dreamer sculpture by Samantha.

Shark sculpture in foreground, and painting of a ship in the ocean in the background.

Sculpture and painting by Eric.

Ceramic tiger, standing on a light blue surface.

Tiger sculpture by Alissa.

Brown horse sculpture, with black yarn for mane and tail.

Sculpture of a horse by CSB student.