Screen Reader Training

The California School for the Blind (CSB) Assistive Technology (AT) Staff has developed a website devoted to helping parents, teachers, and users of screen readers learn how to operate computers, smart phones, and tablets with the TalkBack External link opens in new window or tab., NVDA External link opens in new window or tab., Apple VoiceOver External link opens in new window or tab., and JAWS External link opens in new window or tab. screen reader applications. This website is intentionally inaccessible, so students can learn to navigate the inaccessible content they often encounter on websites not designed with web accessibility in mind.

CSB Screen Reader Training Website External link opens in new window or tab.

We are excited to announce the launch of CSB's ScreenReader Training (SRT) website! This is a space that currently consists of courses for Voiceover for Mac, IOS, JAWS for Windows, and ChromeVox for ChromeBook. Courses lay out clearly defined goals and objectives that progress through a series of scaffolded lessons. And once a course is completed, what better place to practice and refine these newly developed screen reader skills than in our Games Portal!
There are plans to add sections for the BrailleNote Touch+, TalkBack, NVDA, and add more games, and even more lessons to existing courses!

Students often get scheduled, structured lessons that they don't feel are meaningful, interactive, or engaging. We as professionals know how important it is for them, so we took a different approach!

Interested in offering feedback or suggestions for current and upcoming content? Submit your comments through the contact links found at the beginning of each course.

Happy Learning!


Scott Jaffray
Assistive Technology Specialist
Orientation and Mobility Specialist

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