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The Education Program at the California School for the Blind (CSB), serves students ages 6 through 21. Students have the opportunity to develop skills through both the core and expanded core curricula. The Elementary and Middle School classes offer academic and/or functional skills-based programs as determined by the IEP team based upon the needs of the individual student. Functional skills may include functional academics, daily living skills, social skills, communication skills and adaptive technology skills with a combination of classroom and community-based instruction. The academic Middle School and High School Programs include an option of a Middle and High School Prep Program with an intensive year on the CSB campus. Students who are in this program do not receive course credit on a public school transcript as they are based on the CSB campus and work on disability-specific skills, such as braille reading and writing, abacus instruction, adaptive computer technology, orientation and mobility, personal organization and social skills. These programs are intensive short-term placements that focus on the expanded core curriculum and the development of competencies in independent work production, self advocacy skills, and increasing literacy and math skills. CSB has developed Middle and High School Programs with an academic emphasis. These students are working on a school program that may lead to a high school diploma. Students who are working at grade level may attend a portion of the school day in classes in conjunction with the Fremont Unified School District. The rest of the school day is on the CSB campus working on disability-specific skills such as braille instruction, speech and language, orientation and mobility, adapted physical education and adaptive technology. In addition to Designated Instructional Services (DIS), students receive enrichment opportunities in music, art and recreation/leisure skill development.

Chris Fendrick - Principal of Education

Educational Programs