Music Department

At the California School for the Blind (CSB) we introduce students to many styles and forms of music, both instrumental and vocal, giving them tools to continue enriching their daily life activities. However, our primary objective is to make the educational process rewarding and fun!

The music program is multi cultured, and full of a very wide variety of musical instruments and percussion. We have everything from African drums to bagpipes, native and orchestral flutes and woodwinds. Electronic keyboards and synthesizers, as well as traditional classical instruments i.e.: string bass, violins, and Celtic harps. We are very proud of our wide selection of stringed instruments, from classical guitar to modern digitally enhanced guitars and keyboards.

Mr. Siligo started teaching music at CSB in 1980, according to him,

"When I first started teaching at CSB, we began trying to improve our overall concept of how our special students should be taught. With the major changes in technology and music curriculum, I believed and still do, that there are many unique approaches to teaching music, and no one way is appropriate for all.

We began an ensemble approach for our students capable of performing in a group setting, to involve as many of them as possible in the entire music experience.

From the very beginning of their instruction, all students, regardless of the extent of their music skills, become an important part of the performance plan.

I believe the primary reason for our success with our students is constant evaluation and assessment of their skills. Often at given times, we introduce them to new instruments and music styles. Many learn classical, jazz, pop, and folk techniques and multi-ethnic material."

Currently there are five music groups:

  1. Jazz Ensemble
  2. Mission Ensemble
  3. Percussion
  4. CSB Singers
  5. Glee Club

Our regular and perspective students have the freedom of input as to which instruments or percussion instruments that they want to play. We know if they are playing or singing what they want and enjoy, they are ensured future success.

We totally appreciate and strive for music to be a future leisure skill for all our students, no matter their skill level.

Charles Lloyd- Music Director
David Grandstaff- Assistant

Teaching Music to non-academic students with visual impairments

Track Downloads from Ensemble's "Open Door" CD