Summer Academy Program

Covid-19 Update

Sadly, due to the current pandemic and stay-at-home and social distancing orders, we have cancelled our in-person summer academies.

However, our staff has put together opportunities this June for students throughout the state to participate in that will encourage them to utilize their technology, build social skills, and learn elements of the Expanded Core Curriculum in a format that respects social distancing and is provided in an online format. We recognize that these courses will require access to technology and the internet and hope that these skills are being worked on and access has been, or is being addressed, already in this new school from home environment.

See course descriptions below for information about each of the three courses. The courses will require a registration process but will not include a medical packet. The registration form will provide information to our teachers that will enable them to further customize the course and differentiate their teaching.

Please contact Scott Smith our Short-Term programs Coordinator at with question about the courses or Winnie Chen at about the registration process, or complete the interest form to get started (space is limited as we have a capacity for each course).

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See the Summer Academies Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Summer Academies 2020

Registration for the virtual Summer Academies is now open. To begin the application process, please complete the interest form External link opens in new window or tab. .

Course Number 1

Session 1 - June 8-17, 2020 (afternoon)
Session 2 - June 17-26, 2020 (afternoon)


Introduction to Tabletop Role Playing Games

Take part in a Grand Adventure! Students will participate in a one-week course consisting of a four-hour virtual meeting each day. During this time, the students will receive instruction on how to play Tabletop Role-Playing Games using Swords and Wizardry Light as the example ruleset. Students will participate in one long adventure which will play out over several sessions wherein they will learn about telling stories, teamwork, and creative problem-solving. All while making use of their mathematics, social interaction, and organization skills. At the end of the course, students will also be instructed on how to create an encounter and be shown the similarities and differences between Swords and Wizardry Light and the most popular Tabletop Role Playing Game, Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. All sessions will be conducted via Zoom meetings. Students will receive copies of the Swords and Wizardry Light rules as a PDF. Versions more appropriate for screen reader programs can also be provided. Core Curriculum skills addressed in this course are mathematical ratios, basic statistics, writing, and history. Expanded Core Curriculum skills addressed in this course are social interaction, self-determination, as well as recreation and leisure. Students should be of high school age or older and bring a creative and open mind..

Course Number 2

Session 1 - June 8-17, 2020 (Group A - 10am - 12pm) (Group B - 1pm - 3pm)
Session 2 - June 17-26, 2020 (Group A - 10am- 12pm) (Group B - 1pm - 3pm)

Ages: With enough applicants, we will run a younger group (9-13 years) and an older group (14+) during each session.

Summer Game Academy

Looking for a way to connect with others during this time of social distancing? Join the CSB Summer Game Academy! Learn essential game skills such as turn taking, collaboration, leadership, good sportsmanship, and more! Show off your smarts, learn something new, and have fun as you improve your tech skills and make new friends. You will play accessible and modified trivia, Balderdash, and Scattergories. Then, take what you've learned and share it with your family and friends to host your own social-distance game night! Must have a device for Zoom meetings..

Course Number 3

Session 1 - June 8-17, 2020 (10am - 12pm)
Session 2 - June 17-26, 2020 (1pm - 3pm)

Ages: open to students age 9 through high school graduation

Come Cook with Us

Boost your cooking creativity in an innovative format and learn how to make fun, easy, and sometimes healthy meals together with a family member. This interactive experience will combine YouTube instructional videos followed by live group Zoom conversations, in order to best assist you in your cooking journey. The Zoom conversations will provide students with a chance to discuss their cooking experiences with each other and problem-solve together with the instructors. Prior to the class, accessible versions of the recipes, shopping lists, and the class schedule, as well as a no-cut glove, will be mailed to your home. Learn to mix, cut, pour, and measure ingredients in your own kitchen with the support and guidance of the CSB cooking team.