Summer Academies - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is technology equipment and internet access available to loan my student?
    Unfortunately at this time, we are unable to provide equipment for loan. If your student does not have access to technology that will enable them to attend our program, please connect with your school district and teachers to try and find a solution.
  • Is there an expectation of work for my student outside of the synchronous meeting times?
    That varies depending on the course. We recommended discussing this with us to understand the requirements for the course/s you are interested in.
  • Does my student have a better chance of being accepted if I submit my application early?
    Yes. We consider applications in the order they arrive. All applications are screened and not all applicants will be accepted. However, we give priority to earlier applicants. Please observe that all courses have the same deadline to apply. Visit the Summer Academy Programs page for the deadline.
  • Does my student have less chance of being accepted if s/he was accepted last year?
    No. Many students return for Summer Academies more than one year in a row. Our applications are valid for one year. If they attended a Short Course this school year, their application may still be valid. Even if they are returning, please complete the brief CSB Summer Academy Interest Form to indicate which Academy you are interested in and start the application process.
  • My child is right between the advertised age groups? Which courses should I be considering?
    The most important decision is the child's level of maturity and which age group would they be better suited to? Many Academies are offered as both a younger and an older group. The content for these courses will be very similar, but with different expectations for each group.
  • Can a student attend a Summer Academy if they have graduated or are over 18 years of age?
    Students can attend a Summer Academy during the summer immediately after they graduate from high school (if they are not yet 22 years old). Students who have not officially graduated high school may attend up to age 22.
  • Can my child attend two Academies, in the same summer?
    Yes, a student may attend more than one Summer Academy in the same year. Note that the application allows you to select more than one Summer Academy.
  • We would like to take our child out of school for a day or two, for a special event. Will that be okay?
    The nature of the request will of course influence our answer. If it's a short appointment, or a day off to attend an important event, we would excuse the student. However, please let us know in advance if you intend for your child to miss any part of the program. Our programs are short, and when a student misses even one day, it is a significant amount of the time.
  • My child has an IEP and is visually impaired, but they are not 'legally blind'. Would they still be able to attend a course?
    Yes. Students attending our courses have varying degrees and types of visual impairments. All of the students are visually impaired, but they do not need to be legally blind to participate in our programs.