Admissions Criteria

Information regarding whether a student or child may be eligible to attend the California School for the Blind (CSB) can be found below.

California School for the Blind Admissions Criteria

The California School for the Blind (CSB) serves students ages 5-22 who have a vision loss which severely affects their ability to access the general education or alternative curriculum and causes difficulty to such an extent that it adversely affects their educational performance requiring the services of personnel trained to work with blind, visually impaired, or deaf-blind children.

In regards to "eligibility" to attend CSB, there are two main considerations. One consideration involves eligibility requirements as defined within the California Code of Regulations, which are listed below.

The second consideration is whether or not CSB has an appropriate program to meet all of the student’s needs. When making this determination, we consider information such as the student's identified vision needs, current assessment data, Individualized Education Program (IEP) goals and services, age/grade level, etc. in order to make our best estimation as to whether we may have an appropriate program for the student. If we feel we may have a program to meet the child’s needs, we offer an Assessment of Suitability for Placement (ASP), which may include a temporary placement at CSB lasting up to 60 calendar days.

California Code of Regulations

Title 5. Education

§ 17666. Eligibility for Enrollment in CSB's Day Program

Applicants may be considered for admission if they can demonstrate they will benefit educationally from the CSB instructional program by showing:

  1. (a) Applicant demonstrates that his or her primary educational needs are related to a severe sensory loss such that it affects the pupil's ability to access the general education or alternative curriculum.
  2. (b) The ability to attend to non-visual stimuli.
  3. (c) The ability to benefit from disability-specific instruction, as demonstrated by the following:
    1. (1) Potential to learn Braille, potential to use low vision aids;
    2. (2) Potential to benefit from expanded core curriculum instruction; and
    3. (3) Potential to benefit from adaptations to the environment.
  4. (d) The ability to learn simple mobility patterns and routes around campus, as demonstrated by the following:
    1. (1) The potential to use the white cane;
    2. (2) The potential to orient self in space;
    3. (3) The potential to learn own body and body parts; and
    4. (4) The potential to learn concepts of directionality.
  5. (e) Applicant demonstrates the ability to access the general education or alternative curriculum with reasonable accommodations without requiring a fundamental alteration of the educational program of CSB.

Note: Authority cited: Section 59020, Education Code. Reference: Sections 56350 and 56352, Education Code.

§ 17667. Eligibility for Enrollment in CSB's Residential Program

Applicants eligible for CSB's day program are not automatically enrolled into the residential program. Enrollment into CSB's residential program is a separate and distinct consideration even for a pupil currently enrolled in CSB's day program. An applicant who meets the criteria established by section 17666 may also be admitted into CSB's residential program, if CSB determines:

  1. (a) The applicant resides beyond a 60-minute commute each way between home and CSB using transportation the Local Educational Agency (LEA) provides for day pupils.
  2. (b) The applicant has the ability to respond independently and appropriately to life-threatening situations.
  3. (c) The responsible local school district and parent/guardian have approved the applicant's placement in the residential program.
  4. (d) The applicant does not have a history of un-rehabilitated behavior that poses a threat to themselves and/or others, including but not limited to substance abuse, fire-starting, sexually predatory behavior or assault.

Note: Authority cited: Section 59020, Education Code. Reference: Section 59020, Education Code.

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