Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapy (OT) works on developing the necessary “foundational skills” that children must have in order to be able to successfully access their individualized educational program. OT is primarily concerned with the motor, sensory and behavioral foundations of gross motor control, fine motor expression and visual-perceptual development required for participation in the student’s educational program. Areas of focus may include: postural stability; motor planning and fine motor skill development; sensory registration and processing environmental adaptations/assistive devices, self-care skills and social play/organization as they apply to the school environment. OT uses familiar tools and school materials to build the necessary foundational skills ensuring that children will be interested in working on areas of challenge.

Multi-Sensory Environment Room

Multi-Sensory Environments (MSEs) are designed with two goals in mind: to promote intellectual activity and to encourage relaxation. We are in the process of putting together a room where sensory stimulation can be controlled (intensified or reduced), presented in isolation or combination, and matched to fit the therapeutic and educational needs of our students. Our room will help promote self-regulation in an engaging environment and will include:

  • Lighting effects such as bubble tubes and fiber optics
  • Sensory activities such as the double squeezer, ball pit, water and sand table, weighted blankets, play dough
  • Tactile experiences such as touching various textures in interactive tactile and musical wall panels
  • Cause and effect items such as the use of switches to allow the individual to control items within his or her environment, and toys that vibrate, make noise or have a tactile feel
  • Soft items on the floor such as mats and beanbags
  • Sound effects such as children’s music or nature sounds
  • Various seating options such as a recliner, cloud pit, ball chair, bean bag chair
  • Gross motor activities such as the Jumparoo, trampoline, platform swing, Air-Lite barrel roll, therapy balls, etc.
Tactile Wall with many objects attached to it, like beads, tubs, rings etc.

Tactile Wall - This wall helps the most tactile defensive learn to accept all types of textures. It provides 15 different textures to provide a variety of tactile sensations.

Percussion Junction wall with several different musical objects attached to it.

Percussion Junction Wall Panel - Includes popular musical instruments designed to allow the user to explore and experience different sounds, textures and vibrations. Includes Boomwackers, drums, tambourine, sleigh bells, xylophone, C Scale Pat Bells.

A round Web Swing suspended by ropes.

Web Swing Tower - Climb on board and swing side-to-side or in circles. Encourages motor planning, balance reactions, vestibular orientation, sensory processing and socialization for up to four people.

A large Jungle Juparoo inner tube with eight tall poles attached to the inner circumference.

Jungle Jumparoo - Jumping alone or with friends, jumping can be highly organizing to the muscles and the brain. Great for both sensory seekers and sensory under responsive kids.

Square Platform Swing suspended by a rope attached to each corner.

Non-slip Therapy Platform Swing - Provides vestibular orientation and balance training. Can be used sitting, kneeling, lying prone or standing. Encourages sensory processing and builds confidence, coordination, strength, stability and even social and communication skills.

Double-Squeezer attached to a frame.

Double-Squeezer - It consists of two rollers which provide deep pressure for additional sensory input. The cushioned foam rollers squeeze and release pressure evenly and consistently. Compression levels can be adjusted.

Large Bubble Tube in the center of a cushioned seat.

Bubble Tube - When seated on the platform, feel the calming vibrations from the bubbles. It provides visual and tactile sensory input as the lights slowly rotate through 8 vibrant colors changing the color of the bubbles.