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Support Organizations Funding

As a state agency our school does not have access to state funds to support all aspects of a well-rounded whole-child education for our students that typical schools do. With the addition of being a residential placement for many of our students we also provide many opportunities to increase our student's community involvement and social engagement. To provide these opportunities we primarily rely on three funds:

  1. California School for the Blind Education Foundation
    1. Tax ID: 27-4065076
    2. This fund is used to support student activities similar to Parents and Friends (often the two groups fund things together) as well as support staff opportunities such as conferences and training opportunities that are not available through the school funding.
    3. This is a non-profit organization.
  2. California School for the Blind Parents and Friends Association
    1. Tax ID: 94-2860392
    2. This fund is used to support student activities on campus and is run by a board of current and past parents.
    3. This is a non-profit organization.
  3. California School for the Blind Endowment Fund
    1. Tax ID: 94-3172357
    2. This fund has the same rules and regulations as standard purchases for the school. This can make it difficult to utilize without pre-planning. Money sits in an endowment investment account run by the state.

We appreciate your interest in supporting our programs and our students. These funds are utilized every year to create amazing opportunities for us to educate our students. If you are interested in our field, we encourage you to learn a bit more about the Expanded Core Curriculum External link opens in new window or tab., which is what drives our mission and the education of students at our school and throughout our state.

Every October we host a celebration of White Cane Day on our campus aimed to encourage pride in our students and the community at large. We will post information regarding White Cane Day and other events on our webpage throughout the year.

Please contact us at if you have any further questions or ideas.