CSB Alumni Connection

Our Goal at California School for the Blind is to see our students prosper and grow even after they have graduated. Many keep in touch and share their success stories. One such individual is Cody Meyer. He graduated in 2016 and continued his education at The Hatlen Center for a year. Recently, he has become the new Resident Advisor at Guide Dogs for The Blind. This and many other stories like it are a common theme for CSB Alumni.

As a valued alumni of California School for the Blind we want to offer you a number of ways to remain connected with your friends and stay involved with the campus. Please email info@csb-cde.ca.gov if you have any questions and when you're in the area remember to stop by... we'd love to see you.

Feel free to submit information, pictures, and contact information you want to share on this website.

To contribute to the Alumni Web Page please email: info@csb-cde.ca.gov