Community Advisory Committee

CSB maintains an active Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The purpose of the CAC is to improve and promote communication between CSB, parents, and other stakeholders in order to provide for increased participation in planning for CSB's future. During the CAC meetings, current projects, issues, and news is shared with the committee by the superintendent as well as each member of the management team. The CAC also serves in an advisory capacity, making recommendations on steps CSB can make to enhance or improve programs. The CAC is made up of professionals in the field of visual impairment, consumers, and parents of current and/or former CSB students. On the first day of each school year, CAC is described to families and they are informed of how to serve on the Committee. The CAC meets four times per year on the CSB campus. Minutes from each CAC meeting are disseminated to staff members, branch officials at the California Department of Education, and CSB parents.

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