Art Gallery-Paintings, Drawings & Collages

Paintings, drawings and collage art created by students at the California School for the Blind.

An outline of a hand with henna designs.

Tactile drawing by Mariyah.

Sketchbook drawing of brown horse, black rabbit, two trees, a pond, and star filled sky.

Drawing by Alissa.

Skyline view of a bridge and buildings.

Bridge at Night, painting by Sarah.

Trees, animals and flowers, and a line of trees in the distance with the moon in the background.

Drawing by Alissa.

Mostly squares and rectangles shapes, in shades of green, brown, and blue.

Abstract painting by Maryam.

Small multi-colored paper strips with small holes, attached to a white background with pink border.

Collage by Evelyn.

Whale and dolphins jumping out of the water, birds flying, and hills and sun in the background.

Robin's Sea Creatures, painting by Robin.

Painting using a variety of colors.

Painting by Oliver.

Collage with pumpkins and other designs and colors representing autumn.

Autumn Dream, collage by Robin.

Arms and face of a happy person, a caterpillar, and the sun and sky in the background.

Painting by CSB student.

Person standing on a platform, surrounded by stars, hearts, half moon, on a blue/green background.

Hope, print by Theadora.

Shark sculpture in foreground, and painting of a ship in the ocean in the background

Sculpture and painting by Eric.

Painting with a blue square in upper left corner, and red, yellow and green in the surrounding area.

Painting by David.

A horse and a small animal facing each other, with a half moon and stars in the background.

Painting by Atrice.

Multicolored painting with various shapes, semi-circle outlines, and lines.

Painting by Taeler.

Multicolored painting with various shapes and designs.

Painting by Jack.

A house on a hill, with a sheep facing a horse in the foreground.

Painting by Travis.

Collage of small square pieces in the upper left corner, and multicolored rectangular shapes.

Tactile picture created by CSB student.

Painting with dark green on top, purple sides and bottom, and blend of oranges/pinks in the center.

Painting by Morgan.

Painting of a headshot of a woman with short, dark hair, yellow shirt, on a red background.

Portrait of a Woman, by CSB student.

Leaves stamped using multiple colors in various locations on the white background.

Picture by a student in the transition program.

Multicolored collage of small paper squares, dots, and circles.

Collage by Kiko.

Painting of an owl perched on a tree branch, surrounded by branches with leaves.

Night Watcher, painting by Samantha.

Multicolored drawing with several shapes and designs.

Painting by Eric.