Wayfinder Paralympic Games

The California School for the Blind (CSB) after school track team participated in a variety of sports at the Wayfinder Paralympic Games on Saturday, May 18th in Los Angeles. This event included a parade with over 200 school-aged students with visual impairments throughout the state of California who participated in the event as part of the opening ceremony and a speech from Cody Colchado during the closing ceremony. Students were given the opportunity to participate in activities throughout the day which included rowing, archery, biathlon laser rifle, 50-yard dash, tandem cycling, shot put, javelin, rock climbing, judo, obstacle course, and kayak racing. All CSB athletes competed in the various events with honor and integrity which lead to numerous athletes being awarded with gold, silver, and bronze medals for their abilities and skill.

The CSB track team has overcome many hurdles throughout the course of the season. However, these hurdles afforded students the opportunity to overcome multiple barriers which led to demonstrating their growth physical, mental, social, and emotional growth at the Wayfinder Paralympic Games. At the event CSB students were divided into different teams to compete alongside different students with visual impairments throughout the state of California. The CSB track team demonstrated their growth to everyone they came into contact with by being respectful, polite, attentive, and friendly towards their team members.


Student outside at Wayfinder Paralympic Games.
Student doing archery at Wayfinder Paralympic Games.
Student smiling at Wayfinder Paralympic Games.