Student Teachers

Staff members in the Orientation and Mobility Department at CSB supervise many student teachers and interns from colleges and universities near and far. The O&M program at CSB possesses many qualities that make it an ideal placement for those entering the field:

  • A variety of students with regard to age, additional handicaps, program emphasis.
  • The opportunity to observe/participate in other programs such as APE, technology, speech and language, and art.
  • The opportunity to work with more than one instructor, thereby gaining different experiences and seeing different teaching styles.
  • Participation in school wide activities such as concerts, snow day and carnival.
  • Exposure to state-of-the-art teaching supplies, including a variety of cane and tip styles, map-making machines, Tiger embosser, computers with JAWS and Duxbury.
  • Campus apartment for living quarters if intern lives far away.
  • Exposure to varied teaching environments that include semi-rural, residential, small business, large city, public transit (buses, rapid transit, train).
  • Opportunities to get ideas for lessons from visually impaired staff members and to see what works "in the real world".
  • Exposure to professional groups and conferences held in the SF Bay area.

Student teachers and interns add vitality to our group and we welcome them to the O&M department.