Lucky Touch

Lucky Touch is a student run company, specializing in Braille fortune cookies.

We are the California School for the Blind Board of Directors for the Lucky Touch Braille Fortune Cookie Company. Our company is run by our board composed of 6 students. We package and sell braille fortune cookies and for special occasions we make special products containing our cookies. At these times we sell baskets, mugs and stuffed animals all with braille fortune cookies.

The cookies we sell are both plain and chocolate dipped. We can customize them with your own sayings for additional money. We are proud to be the only Braille Fortune Cookie Company in the world.

Customizing an Order

  • $5.00 per 50 cookies is the minimum order for customization.
  • All fortunes are in uncontracted braille unless you are customizing an order.

Available customizations:

  • Contracted braille
  • Personalization - special sayings for special events

If ordering customized cookies, please contact Lucky Touch for more information at the email or phone number below.

To Order Contact:

Judith Lesner

Lucky Touch Fortune Cookie Order FormLink opens in new window or tab. (PDF)

Payment Methods:

Cash, check and money orders accepted.

Make check payable to:
CSB Parents and Friends Associations