CSBEF Grants

Testimonials from Recent CSBEF Grant Recipients


"The Education Foundation is a phenomenal resource for CSB staff and students! The grant allowed CSB’s Assessment Center team quick access to a unique assessment tool. Because of the grant, we were better able to work with a family whose student has complex needs, and we now have the tool available for use with future students!"

Shelby Zimmerman, April 2021
Assessment Center Teacher Specialist
Teacher of the Visually Impaired/Orientation & Mobility Specialist


"So far, CSBEF has given me grants for a computer assisted translation tool and an online dictionary. These are incredibly helpful, and I don't know how I would do my job without them. Thank you, CSBEF!"

Leti Lottis, MSc, CHI, March 2021
Interpreter and Translator, Spanish and Portuguese


"Thank you CSB Education Foundation for providing gift cards to all 12 participates of the 2020-2021 Braille and Tech Short Course (March 2021). This past school year was very challenging due to the lack of in-person learning opportunities from Covid-19. Many students did not enjoy distance learning and getting students to attend classes on a regular basis was a challenge. Many students were experiencing long days, sitting in front of a computer monitor to attend classes via Zoom. The Braille and Tech Short Course were offered at the end of the school day for 1.5 hours over a 6-week period. The gift cards really help to motivate students to attend classes. By attending classes, students were able to practice their braille and tech skills. For some students this was an important review. For a couple of students, it was their first time learning about the Braillenote Touch+. Thank you CSBEF for giving students an extra incentive to attend classes. Your support made it easier for parents and teachers to get students excited about learning."

Thanh Chang, March 2021
Teacher of the Visually Impaired


"Throughout the school year, visually impaired students participate in one-week short-term programs at CSB. We have occasionally turned to the CSB Education Foundation for support. This past summer we taught a course in computer coding. The Education Foundation supported us (September 2021) with communication expenses to reach international students participating in the course. In the past, they have supported us with meeting the cost of recreational activities for guest students on our campus. Thank you for your generosity CSBEF!"

Scott Smith
Short Course Coordinator


"Thank you so much for your support of the National Coding Symposium (May 2021). It was an incredible success with more than 450 participants. The programming was fantastic, and we got so many notes of appreciation. Your contribution encouraged so much participation in the award opportunity, more than half of which were from California and half a dozen from CSB including a winner Delshaun Davis in our Newark High School mainstream program."

Adrian Amandi
Director of CA Education Resource Center


"From an administrator's perspective, I appreciated the information shared (at the Lee Staub Ableism Workshop in August 2020) about the history of disability and civil rights issues for people with disabilities. I think they helped us, as a staff, talk about important ableism issues that come up for our students and our staff members.  I was very impressed with the presentation and the resources they shared, and I am grateful to CSBEF for sponsoring the event. Thank you!"

Shannon Johns, M.S.
Principal of Career and Vocational Programs


"I wanted to say how wonderful our ableism workshop (August 2020) was. The presenters were dynamic, thorough, and mindful about the complexities regarding ableism. They related this issue to many of today's issues that our students are facing. They managed to get our staff to understand this concept, discuss it, and understand a way of creating a platform and safe space for someone who wanted to further discuss it. This presentation made a huge impact on me. It has changed the vocabulary I use, the questions I ask students, and understand how I can better show up as an ally and support my students. I feel incredibly grateful to have participated in this presentation and would absolutely attend it again if given the opportunity."

Erica Hogle
Orientation and Mobility Specialist


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