2023-2024 Sports Calendar




September 7 Fall Goalball
September 11-14 Fall Goalball
September 18-21 Fall Goalball
September 25-28 Fall Goalball
October 2-3,5 Fall Goalball
October 9-12 Fall Goalball
October 16-19 Fall Goalball
October 23-26 Fall Goalball
October 30-31 Fall Goalball
November 1-2 Fall Goalball
November 6-7,9 Fall Goalball
November 27-30 Winter Goalball
December 4-5,7 Winter Goalball
December 11-14 Winter Goalball
December 18-21 Winter Goalball
January 8-11 Winter Goalball
January 16,18 Winter Goalball
January 22-25 Winter Goalball
January 29-31 Winter Goalball
February 1 Winter Goalball
February 5-6,8 Winter Goalball
February 12-14 Winter Goalball
March 4-6 Swim Team
March 11-14 Swim Team
March 18-21 Swim Team
March 25-27 Swim Team
April 8-9,11 Swim Team
April 15-18 Swim Team
April 22-24 Swim Team
May 29-30 Swim Team
May 2 Swim Team
May 6-9 Swim Team
May 13-16 Swim Team

Please pay close attention to the dates on this calendar. Sports occur after school Mondays-Thursdays from 3:30-4:30PM except for Early Release days and Staff Meeting days.

Please use this to help with setting up transportation for your athletes.