Westridge Dormitory

Westridge Dormitory houses our younger students. Staff in this dorm provide a warm and nurturing environment to ensure our younger students feel like Westridge is home away from home. With the aid of residential staff, students are required to complete homework assignments either individually or as a group prior to participating in daily dorm activities.

To prepare our students for their future, we begin to introduce and implement a variety of beginning skill sets. Lessons are done in a fun a creative way to keep students interested and motivated. Some of these skills include:

  • Personal Hygiene (showering, shampooing, grooming, tooth brushing)
  • Appropriate choices of clothing (weather, texture, colors)
  • Cooking skills (microwave, toaster)
  • Eating skills (spreading, cutting, pouring)
  • Activity of Daily Living Skills (Bed Making, Laundry)
  • Peer Interaction (privacy, respect, friendships, group setting)

Students are also engaged in a variety of Recreational Activities throughout the week, such as karate, swimming, yoga, on campus movies and fitness. Weekly off campus trips may consist of movies, bowling, shopping, hiking, etc. Students also enjoy dances and celebrations throughout the school year.