Southridge Dormitory

Southridge Dormitory is home to students between the ages of 15-17. Students who live in this dorm are typically Mainstream High School students. Students are required to maintain High School level work. In this dorm Homework is the top priority. Students returning from school are required to complete all homework assignments for the evening. This goal is achieved both individually and in group study sessions that are supervised by Trained Residential staff who are readily available to assist when help is needed.

In this dorm students also work on skills that will assist them to achieve a more independent lifestyle when they leave CSB. These skills concentrate on the following:

  • Beginning Budgeting
  • Cooking Skills
  • Peer Interaction
  • Activity of Daily Living Skills (Bed Making, Laundry)
  • Personal Hygiene

Students are also engaged in a variety of Recreational Activities throughout the week, such as karate, swimming, yoga, debate club, on campus movies and fitness. Weekly off campus trips may consist of movies, bowling, shopping, hiking, etc. Students also enjoy dances and celebrations throughout the school year.