International Karate Tournament Awards

The California School for the Blind (CSB) Martial Arts and Anti-Violence Program competes in an International Karate Tournament.

The CSB Westridge Dragons, also known as Cheetahs, team traveled to San Leandro to participate in an International Karate Tournament. CSB is very proud of our students for competing and bring back many awards.

A student is performing a Judo move at a Judo competition.
Seven California School for the Blind students sitting under a large banner with words, "fun starts here".
Nine students are standing in a school cafeteria wearing their Judo outfits.


Day 1: Dual Meet with 510 Judo Schools


  • First Place: Aniya S.
  • First Place: Michael D.
  • First Place: Joshua G.
  • First Place: Emma D.
  • First Place: Mikey D.
  • Second Place: Evan L.
  • Third Place: Steven C.


  • First Place Wrestling: Eddie O.


  • First Place: Sadaya B.
  • First Place: Charles S.

Day 2 - Ryukyuken International Karate Tournament

The CSB Westridge Dragons competed in both the Para-Adaptive Kata (forms) Division and the Open Kata (forms) Division.

Para-Adaptive Kata Division

  • Fifth Place: Mikey D.
  • Sixth Place: Emma D.
  • Bronze Medal: Joshua G.
  • Silver Medal: Steven C.
  • Gold Medal: Evan L.

Open Kata Division

  • Fourth Place: Aniya S. (Aniya is a white belt who competed against Blue and Green belts)
  • Fourth Place: Steven C.
  • Bronze Medal: Evan L.

Our students celebrated a victory dinner at Dave and Busters and won many stuffed animals. Our students are very brave and proved it by competing in a very big international tournament.

Thank you to all the staff that made this event possible from the Martial Arts and Anti-Violence Staff:

Jami Ordena, Nalinda Folkes, Jason Tucker and Anthony Daniels