White Cane Day - Tech with Apple

Woman with cane and guide dog. California School for the Blind in collaboration with Apple (iOS), celebrating white cane day!

Come join us for a full day of Tech with Apple celebrating White Cane Day!

Date: October 15, 2020

Session 1 for TVI

Time: 12pm -1:45pm

In this session we will share some ways that you can connect with your students and automate processes to spend more time learning. We will discover collaborate note-taking, creating shortcuts for tasks using Siri, and how to help control Mac in remote settings

Session 2 for Students

Time: Group One: 2pm-2:55pm, Group Two: 3pm-3:55pm

In this course, students will learn the basics of coding and begin to identify the skills and effort needed to code their own apps or games with a fun cane activity! Pre-req skills required: Ability to access a Zoom meeting, mute and unmute themselves Materials required: An iOS phone or tablet, white cane

Session 3 for Parents

Time: 4pm-6pm

In this session we will discover ways that iOS devices have built-in tools that allow anybody to use them effectively. We will cover features like VoiceOver, settings for Low Vision, and ways to use speech and dictation. Also we learn how to create shortcuts on iOS to streamline connecting to Zoom meetings to make remote learning more accessible.

Each session is capped at 40 participants, so please be sure to register for the session External link opens in new window or tab. you will be attending.