Student BrailleSense Polaris Training

BrailleSense Polaris notetaker

HIMS and the California School for the Blind (CSB) are pleased to offer a virtual student focused presentation on the BrailleSense Polaris notetaker. This presentation is primarily for students who are currently or will be using the BrailleSense Polaris, regardless of experience or skillset.

In this presentation, students will be introduced to the features and functionality that the Polaris has to offer with a specific focus on use in a classroom and in distance education. They will also be introduced to the basics of how to use the most common Polaris applications, such as the Word Processor, Email, and Google Drive. Finally, they will learn about some of the features that are unique to the Polaris that may be helpful in a school-based environment.

Date: January 25th, 2021

Time: 3:30pm to 5:00pm PST

Registration: To register for this training please complete the Student BrailleSense Polaris Interest Form External link opens in new window or tab. . For any questions, please contact Scott Smith at

For information on the teacher BrailleSense Polaris training, visit the BrailleSense Polaris Training page.