Ann and Friends - Bon-Bon

A pet rabbit story and questions for Beginning Braille Readers by Ann Gelles.

20. Bon-Bon

Mom has had Bon-Bon for several weeks. A friend begged Mom to take her. The friend's children did not play with or care for Bon-Bon very much. So Mom's friend gave her to us. The children were against Bon-Bon's move to a new home. Mom didn't want more animals. She thought we had too many pets already. But she couldn't say no to her good friend. So Bon-Bon is our first pet rabbit.

Bon-Bon is a French Lop. A Lop is a rabbit. A Lop's ears flop down instead of standing straight up like the rabbits we know best. A Lop's ears drag on the ground. Bon-Bon is very cute and cuddly. She has a satiny black coat with white spots. She has a tiny pink nose. She loves bananas. You better not get in her way when she sees a banana. She could knock you down to get to that banana first.

Bon-Bon is such a smart bunny. She can go potty in a litter box like a cat. Her litter box is kept in the bathroom.

One morning Dad stepped in Bon-Bon's poop and urine after getting out of bed to use the bathroom himself. He was barefooted. Dad never wore slippers. I guess Bon-Bon didn't make it to the litter box. Dad was quite mad. Mom laughed until her sides ached and she couldn't catch her breath.

Bon-Bon is a free spirit. Bon-Bon doesn't live in a cage like most rabbits. Some people thought Bon-Bon must have a cage. We thought Bon-Bon should be free. She roams free all the time at home. Bon-Bon roams every place in our house and outside, too. Sometimes she hops up our alley. Sometimes Bon-Bon hops, hops, hops up or down Skyline Blvd. Everyone knows Bon-Bon. They think she is a remarkable rabbit.

Neighbors call Mom. They say, "Bon-Bon is at my back door."

Mom says, "Don't worry. Bon-Bon knows the way home. Bon-Bon will hop back home soon." Everyone in our neighborhood loves Bon-Bon. People smile when they see Bon-Bon in our neighborhood. I bet she wants a tasty snack from all her friends. She also loves bathing in the sun in Mom's petunias. Bon-Bon never gets enough sun and fresh air. I wonder what Bon-Bon will do next.

Bon-Bon Questions

  1. What is this story about?
    (Ann's family's first pet rabbit who can go in a litter box and roams free)
  2. What does Bon-Bon like to eat?
  3. Describe Bon-Bon.
    (She is black with white spots. She has a tiny pink nose and her ears flop down instead of up.)
  4. Who stepped in Bon-Bon's poop and urine one morning?
    (Ann's dad)
  5. What did Ann's mom do when she found out about the accident?
    (She laughed until her sides ached. She couldn't catch her breath from laughing so hard.)
  6. Why is hopping up a street dangerous for Bon-Bon?
    (People, bikes, and cars might not see her and hit her)
  7. Describe Bon-Bon's life. (She doesn't live in a cage. She goes free. She can go inside or outside. She visits the neighbors.)
  8. Where does Bon-Bon go to sunbathe or nap?
    (the petunias)
  9. Why did the children's mom want to give Ann's mom Bon-Bon?
    (The kids didn't take care of Bon-Bon. She knew that Ann's mom would take good care of Bon-Bon.)
  10. What did Bon-Bon want when she visited the neighbors?
    (A good snack)
  11. What would you like about having Bon-Bon?

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