Ann and Friends - Noelani

A guide dog story and questions for Beginning Braille Readers by Ann Gelles.

19. Noelani

Noelani is my new guide dog. We have been together since July 2007. Noelani is a great buddy already. Noelani loves to work. Noelani takes me places in a jiffy.

Noelani loves to have fun. Noelani loves to give kisses and cuddle. Noelani makes me giggle. Noelani loves squeaky toys. Squeaky toys drive me crazy sometimes. Noelani has lots of dog and human friends. Noelani likes to romp and wriggle with Gilly, or Rusa, or Camilla on play dates. Noelani jumps in the pond at home. I pray Noelani won't get too muddy.

Noelani and I usually walk twice a day. We usually walk to Palm before work and Pine after work. One day we got up late. It was Columbus Day. Columbus Day was a holiday for everyone at CSB. I got up late because I didn't have enough sleep. Besides, Noelani didn't disturb me. Noelani usually wakes me up with a kiss.

The sun was bright. The sky was blue. There was a gentle breeze. We were happy to have a holiday. It was a great day for a walk.

There was more traffic because we were late. We were ten minutes from home. We began to cross Gallegos. Bump. I fell to the ground. I was hit by a Toyota. I couldn't get up. Abby was upset.

"I see you all the time. I admire you. I can't believe I hit you. I didn't see you," Abby said.

I couldn't believe Noelani and I were in an accident. Fortunately, Noelani was not hurt by the Toyota. I had been in 3 traffic accidents before. Unfortunately, I would have to go to the hospital.

I left Noelani home with a friend. Dee took me to the hospital. Dee knows about hospitals. Dee was a big comfort. A policeman came to take an accident report. He was mad because we left the scene of a traffic accident and did not report it. Then the doctor said, "I don't believe your leg is broken, but we'll take some x-rays to be sure." I didn't feel very calm or lucky. His news wasn't very good. "Your leg is broken," he said. "You'll have to use a soft brace until you see the bone doctor." He told me not to walk on it. I confess, I was not very happy!

The bone doctor gave me another type of brace. I would have to use it for 8 weeks. My friend, Angela, took Noelani home to live until I could walk. Angela came by with Noelani for a visit almost every day so I could see Noey.

Hurray! Noelani and I walk twice a day once more. I confess, I am afraid of traffic. I depend on Noey to keep us safe.

Noelani Questions

  1. Who is Noelani?
    (Ann's fourth guide dog.)
  2. What happened to Ann?
    (She was hit by a car and broke her leg.)
  3. How would you describe Noelani?
    (She loves to play and she is a good worker.)
  4. What fun things does Noelani do?
    (She jumps in the pond, she plays with dog friends and she enjoys life.)
  5. What does Ann think about squeaky toys? (They drive her crazy sometimes.)
  6. When was Ann hit by the car?
    (On Columbus Day)
  7. How did Abby feel when she hit Ann? (She was upset and horrified.)
  8. Who was mad because they left the scene of a traffic accident?
    (the policeman)
  9. What happened to Noelani when Ann had a broken leg?
    (She lived with Angela.)
  10. What did the accident do to Ann?
    (It made her afraid of traffic.)

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