Ann and Friends - Yoda

A kitten story and questions for Beginning Braille Readers by Ann Gelles.

17. Yoda

I go on a country visit every July. My country visit is more like a spiritual holiday. I eat good food. I sleep a lot. Desiree and I walk. I swim. I pray. I meet with a spiritual guide. I met Yoda on my country visit.

Mike lives at a mobile home close by. He helps Diane with the goats. One day he found a homeless cat. Or maybe, the homeless cat found him. Mike asks Diane, the landlord, "May I keep the homeless cat?"

Diane says, "Okay. But we do not want any babies." Mike agrees.

One day, after several weeks, Mike found the homeless cat and five babies under the mobile home. "Oh no!" Mike says. I know Diane, the landlord, will not like my news.

But Diane surprises Mike. Diane loves the helpless little babies. Diane will adopt the little black one after six weeks. Diane will name him Yoda. Diane's mother will adopt one of the babies, too. Mike is happy.

Diane has had Yoda for many weeks. He is little and cute. Yoda makes everyone smile. He is a scamp sometimes. Every object is a toy for Yoda. He plays with bottle caps. He plays with Desiree's tail. He jumps on the furniture. He jumps on the television. He dances across the floor. Sometimes he sips from my glass. Sometimes he licks my fork. "No, Yoda, don't do that!" I say.

Yoda plays, and plays, and plays. He sleeps a little here and there. Yoda and Hocan sleep together. Hocan is a huge, furry dog. Hocan could eat Yoda for a snack. But Yoda is not afraid of Hocan. Hocan looks after Yoda. But Yoda does not look after Hocan.

Yoda Questions

  1. What is this story about?
    (a playful kitten named Yoda)
  2. Where did Ann meet Yoda?
    (spiritual or country vacation)
  3. What are two things Ann does on her country vacation?
    (She eats, sleeps, swims, walks, talks and prays.)
  4. Who found a homeless cat?
  5. How did the homeless cat surprise Mike?
    (She had kittens.)
  6. Why did Mike ask his landlord if he could keep the homeless cat?
    (Animals can cause damage to property. Some landlords do not allow pets. He wanted her to know about the cat.)
  7. How did the landlord surprise Mike?
    (She adopted one of the kittens. She let Mike keep the homeless cat.)
  8. Why is Yoda a scamp?
    (He jumps on furniture. He sips out of Ann's glass. He licks Ann's fork.)
  9. Why might people smile when they meet Yoda?
    (He's cute and playful. He's entertaining. He does funny things. People like baby kittens.)
  10. What is strange about Hocan and Yoda sleeping together?
    (Dogs and cats are usually afraid of each other. Hocan is so big and Yoda is so little. Cats and dogs have nothing to do with each other usually.)

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