Ann and Friends - Surprise Visitor

A surprise visitor story and questions for Beginning Braille Readers by Ann Gelles.

15. Surprise Visitor

The world is full of animals. The world is full of wild animals. The world is full of tame animals. Many people love their wild or tame pets. Many people cannot keep pets at their homes.

Many people have cats. Many people have dogs. Many people have birds, or bunnies, or mice, or snakes as pets. But, I bet, no one has ever had a pet skunk.

It is fall. The sun will set soon. My father and mother see a young skunk. The skunk is afraid of them, but it is very hungry. Mom and Dad cannot move from their places on the sofa. The skunk could spray them. The skunk tries their dog's food. The skunk tries their cat's food. The skunk likes the cat's food more. The skunk eats until it is full. Then, the skunk goes back home. Maybe, they will see the skunk again tomorrow. Maybe they will never see the skunk again.

The skunk returns for cat food day after day about sunset. My father names the skunk Rosie. He says Rosie has a happy spirit. Animals like my father. My father will tame Rosie with the cat food. Maybe Rosie will take food from Dad's hand if he is calm. He places the cat food 20 feet away from him on Monday. He puts the cat food 15 feet away from him on Friday. He places the food 12 feet away from him on Sunday. Rosie is bold. Rosie is not too afraid of Dad. Rosie will look at Dad sometimes. Rosie makes my dad smile. Mom likes Rosie, too.

Mom and Dad did not see Rosie for a few days. They hope Rosie is all right. But Rosie is not all right. Mom and Dad see a black body on their walk one afternoon. It is Rosie. Rosie is not alive. They could see a bullet hole. Mom is upset. Dad is angry. They will bury Rosie tonight.

Surprise Visitor Questions

  1. Who is Rosie?
    (a skunk)
  2. What does Rosie sample at Mom and Dad's house?
    (their cat and dog food)
  3. Why won't Mom or Dad move from the couch when Rosie is visiting?
    (She could spray them.)
  4. Which food does Rosie like the best?
    (the cat's food)
  5. Who wants to tame Rosie?
  6. Why would a skunk spray someone or something?
    (to protect itself from danger)
  7. How did Dad tempt Rosie to come closer?
    (He put the cat food closer to him every few days.)
  8. Why did Rosie visit Mom and Dad so often?
    (Rosie was hungry.)
  9. What happened to Rosie?
    (She was killed.)
  10. What did Mom and Dad do with Rosie's body?
    (They buried her.)
  11. What does tame mean?
    (A tame animal is comfortable with being handled by people.)

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