Ann and Friends - Zodiac

A dog story and questions for Beginning Braille Readers by Ann Gelles.

14. Zodiac

My nephew, Kyle is from Blackfoot, Idaho. He has a lab named Zodiac. He got Zodiac from a family friend. Zodiac is so big that he could eat from your plate if you let him.

Zodiac is not young anymore. Kyle has had Zodiac for a decade already. Zodiac goes many places Kyle goes. Zodiac would hunt for ducks and birds with Kyle on many Saturdays and Sundays. But, Zodiac cannot help Kyle hunt for ducks and birds anymore. He is too old. Zodiac is quite sad about that. Kyle misses Zodiac a lot.

On hot days, Zodiac sleeps under an oak tree. On cold days, Zodiac curls up with 3 friendly cats. On mild days, Zodiac explores old junk with Nate and Nick. He will sniff and sniff and sniff at the old junk.

I saw Zodiac on Friday. Poor Zodiac had a sore paw. He held the sore paw up so no one could hurt it. So then he lay on a soft, little rug by the fireplace all afternoon. No one could budge him from the fire. He slept there all afternoon snug and happy. Maybe he saw himself as a young dog again. Maybe he saw himself with Kyle once more. Kyle and Zodiac have had many happy days together.

Zodiac Questions

  1. Where do Kyle and Zodiac live?
    (Idaho, on a farm)
  2. How did Zodiac come to live with Kyle?
    (A family friend gave him to Kyle)
  3. What do Kyle and Zodiac do together?
    (They go many places and hunt)
  4. Why does Zodiac stay home most of the time now?
    (He is too old to hunt with Kyle)
  5. What could Zodiac do at meals if you let him?
    (He is so big that he could eat off your plate if you let him)
  6. What does Zodiac do on hot days?
    (sleeps under a tree)
  7. Why does Zodiac curl up with three cats on cold days?
    (to stay warm)
  8. What do Nick, Nate and Zodiac do on warm days?
    (They explore the old junk on the farm)
  9. What is wrong with Zodiac's paw?
  10. Where did Zodiac spend Friday afternoon?
    (laying or sleeping by the fire)
  11. Who are Nick and Nate?
    (Kyle's brothers)

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