Ann and Friends - Diamond

A dog story and questions for Beginning Braille Readers by Ann Gelles.

13. Diamond

Diamond is a goat dog. Diamond works with goats every day. Diamond keeps goats safe from foxes, wolves, coyotes, and other wild animals. Diamond would kill a wild animal if it would hurt the goats. Diamond is big and brave. Diamond is almost 8.

Patricia has 8 goat dogs like Diamond. Some dogs work at dawn and sleep at dusk. Some dogs work at dusk and sleep at dawn. They work well together.

"Here's Diamond," says Patricia. "Let Diamond sniff you, Ann."

Patricia tells Diamond, "Ann's okay."

"Patricia, can I see Diamond's newborn babies?" I ask.

"I have never met newborn puppies," I say.

Patricia and Diamond say, "Yes."

Diamond has 7 puppies. Diamond has 2 male puppies and 5 female puppies. Diamond lets me pet the puppies. They look like big rats. They smell funny. My hands smell funny after I pet them. The puppy smell will go away after a few weeks.

They're very hungry all the time. They all want Diamond's milk at the same time. They do not see yet, so they nudge one another for a good spot. They suck milk from Diamond's nipples.

Diamond is calm. Diamond loves the puppies. Diamond will keep the puppies safe. Diamond is a great mother.

After a few weeks, Patricia will put the babies and Diamond with the goats. The young puppies will know the goats and the goats will know the puppies. Soon, the young puppies will love the goats. They will keep the goats safe just like Diamond and the other goat dogs.

"If I could name the puppies, I would give them names like Ruby, Opal, or Sapphire," I say.

"That's a great idea," Patricia says.

Diamond Questions

  1. What is this story about?
    (It is about a working mother dog and her puppies. This story is about goat dogs that protect goats.)
  2. What does a goat dog do?
    (A goat dog keeps the goats safe from wild animals. They will kill any animal who tries to hurt the goats.)
  3. How many goat dogs does Patricia own?
    (8 goat dogs)
  4. Who gave Ann permission to see Diamond's puppies?
    (Patricia and Diamond)
  5. What do Diamond's puppies look like according to Ann?
    (big rats)
  6. Why do the puppies nudge each other for a good spot?
    (They are hungry. They can't see, so they push each other to get to a nipple.)
  7. Why does Patricia put the puppies with the goats when they are little?
    (So the puppies will grow to love the goats. So the puppies get to know the goats and the goats get to know the puppies.)
  8. When do the goat dogs work?
    (Some goat dogs work all day and some goat dogs work all night.)
  9. How many puppies does Diamond have?
    (7 puppies)
  10. What does nudge mean?
    (a light touch or push out of the way)
  11. What does protect mean?
    (to keep safe from danger)

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