Ann and Friends - Randy

A zoo story and questions for Beginning Braille Readers by Ann Gelles.

9. Randy Pets the Zoo Animals

Randy loves to make friends with animals at the Land Ford Pet Zoo.

He goes to the loft at the zoo every afternoon to pet the babies.

"You don't have to force babies to come to you," he said.

"They like the feel of your hands."

Amanda manages the zoo and loves for Randy to come and visit.

The zoo has a llama and alpaca, a goat and a pig, plus a small pony, Lofty, to play with every boy and girl.

Randy is totally blind and can not see, he can tell the animals by smell and pets them.

He likes to give them snacks and talk to them, too.

He also likes to talk to the people at the zoo, plus Randy's good friend, Sandy, that helps with sales of candy for kids and snacks for animals.

Every visit to the Land Ford Pet Zoo is special to Randy.

I bet you would like to visit the Land Ford Pet Zoo, too!

Randy Questions

1. Who is Randy?
(a blind boy, a visitor to the zoo)

2. What farm animal would you add to the Zoo and why?

3. How does Randy know the animals at the zoo?
(He knows them by their feel and smell)

4. Describe two or three personality traits Randy has.
(He is outgoing, talkative, caring, adventuresome, friendly, reliable, helpful)

5. What type of zoo does Randy visit?
(petting zoo)

6. How often does Randy visit the Land Ford Zoo?
(every afternoon)

7. Why does Randy visit the loft every day?
(He pets the babies there.)

8. Why are petting zoos important?
(Kids can learn about animals they have never touched before.)

9. What can visitors buy at the zoo?
(They can buy candy for kids and snacks for animals.)

10. What is a manager?
(A manager is a person who runs the zoo and makes sure everything is running smoothly or done correctly.)

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