Ann and Friends - Ruby

A puppy story and questions for Beginning Braille Readers by Ann Gelles.

8. Ruby

I just met Ruby today.

Ruby is my niece's new puppy.

Ruby is 24 weeks old.

Ruby is very lively.

Ruby is quite friendly.

Ruby has a silky coat.

Ruby has big paws.

Ruby loves people.

Ruby likes dogs.

Ruby runs, and runs, and runs.

Ruby jumps on me.

Ruby jumps on my niece.

Ruby jumps on my guide dog.

We do not like that!

Desiree and Ruby play together.

Ruby kisses my niece.

Ruby kisses me.

Ruby kisses my guide dog.

My niece hates that.

Ruby eats at six o'clock.

We will walk Ruby tonight after it gets cool.

I like Ruby a lot.

Ruby is a great puppy!

I bet Ruby would like you too.

Ruby Questions

  1. What is this story about?
    (a lively puppy named Ruby who is owned by Ann's niece)
  2. How old is Ruby?
    (24 weeks)
  3. What does Ruby do that Ann's niece doesn't like?
    (She kisses and jumps on her.)
  4. Describe Ruby.
    (She is friendly. She has big paws and a silky coat. She is lively and likes to play.)
  5. What does silky mean?
  6. What time is Ruby fed?
    (six o'clock)
  7. Why can't Ann's niece walk Ruby during the day?
    (It is too hot to go out in Texas during the day in the summer.)
  8. Who plays with Ruby?
  9. What does Ruby do that Ann doesn't like?
    (jumps on her)
  10. What would be one thing puppies do that you wouldn't like?

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