Ann and Friends - Zeek

A friendly be story and questions for Beginning Braille Readers by Ann Gelles.

5. Zeek

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

Buzz, buzz, buzz.

"Oh no," my friend said.

"A big bee is back."

"Is that bee back again?"

My friend and I hate bees.

We do not like bees at all.

"Look!" my friend said, "It's Zeek!"

"Great!" I said.

Zeek is a friendly bee so we like him a lot.

He likes apple trees and plum trees.

Zeek also likes roses and tulips.

He likes tall wet grass.

Zeek likes us a lot, too.

He would not hurt us.

He will sit on a tulip and buzz, buzz, buzz.

He will sit on a twig and buzz, buzz, buzz.

He will land on a lily as my friend and I play together.

Zeek will go away after he helps all plants.

We will miss him.

Zeek Questions

  1. What is this story about?
    (a friendly bee named Zeek)
  2. Why are most people afraid of bees?
    (They could sting you.)
  3. Why are bees our friends?
    (They help all plants grow.)
  4. What kind of grass does Zeek like?
    (tall wet grass)
  5. What flowers does Zeek like best?
    (roses and tulips)
  6. What does Zeek do when he's sitting on a twig or tulip?
  7. When will Zeek go away?
    (in a few days)
  8. What fruit tree does Zeek like?
    (apple and plum trees)
  9. What does pollinate mean?
    (to fertilize)

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