Ann and Friends - Zola

A bunny stories and questions for Beginning Braille Readers by Ann Gelles.

3. Zola

Zola is my good friend.

Zola is a very big bunny.

Zola is quite funny.

We play together every afternoon.

Zola sips cola.

I sip cola.

I eat cake.

Zola eats cake.

I like cake a lot.

Zola likes cola a lot.

But today Zola will not play.

I am sad.

Zola is sad, too.

Zola looks sick.

Zola has a sick tummy.

Zola's vet will see Zola today.

He gave Zola a pill.

He said, "No more cola for Zola."

Tomorrow we can play again.

I am happy.

Zola is quite happy.

Zola is a funny bunny.

I love Zola.

Zola loves me.

Zola Questions

  1. What is this story about?
    (a bunny who likes to sip cola and eat cake)
  2. What unusual things does Zola do?
    (She sips cola and eats cake.)
  3. What does Zola like to drink?
  4. What size is Zola?
  5. When do Zola and Ann play?
    (every afternoon)
  6. Why won't Zola play with Ann?
    (She has a sick tummy.)
  7. Where is Ann going to take Zola?
    (to the vet)
  8. What did the vet give Zola for her sick tummy?
    (a pill)
  9. What did the vet tell Ann?
    (She shouldn't feed Zola any more cola or cake)
  10. What is a vet?
    (an animal doctor)
  11. What is a copycat?
    (Someone who does what you do.)
  12. What does Ann like best?

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