Ann and Friends - Rex

A lively puppy story and questions for Beginning Braille Readers by Ann Gelles.

2. Rex

Rex lives on my block.

Rex is not my dog.

He is a tan puppy.

He is little.

Rex is a mutt.

Rex will always run after me.

I do NOT like that!

Rex will always jump on me.

I do NOT like that either!

Rex will kiss me a lot.

I hate that.

Rex is too frisky.

Run home Rex.

Rex Questions

  1. What is this story about?
    (A frisky puppy named Rex. A puppy who does a lot of things Ann doesn't like.)
  2. Where does Rex live?
    (on Ann's block)
  3. What size and color is Rex?
    (little and tan)
  4. What are some things Rex does that Ann doesn't like?
    (He runs after her, jumps on her, and licks her too much)
  5. What is a mutt?
    (a mixed breed dog)
  6. Where does Ann want Rex to go?
  7. How does Ann feel about Rex?
    (She thinks he's a rascal, but she still likes him. She doesn't like him much because she complains about him. He is a friend because he is in the Ann and Friends book.)

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