Ann and Friends - My Cat

A playful cat story and questions for Beginning Braille Readers by Ann Gelles

1. My Cat

Max is my cat.

He is my good friend.

Max is little.

Max is black.

Max is very cute.

Max can nap on my cap.

Max can nap on my lap.

We have fun together.

Max can run.

Max can jump.

Max can bat a ball.

I hug Max.

Max will rub on my legs.

I love Max.

Max loves me.

My Cat Questions

  1. What is this story about?
    (A playful cat named Max)
  2. What color is Max?
  3. What size is Max?
  4. Where does Max like to nap?
    (on Ann's cap or lap)
  5. How do we know that Max is young?
    (He is playful. He runs and jumps and bats balls.)
  6. How do cats show their love?
    (They rub on your legs. They purr a lot.)
  7. How does Ann show her love for Max?
    (She takes care of him. She hugs Max.)
  8. What does cute mean?
    (adorable, pretty, darling, sweet or lovable)

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