What is strabismus?

When the eyes do not move in the same direction as each other, it is called strabismus. Sometimes one eye moves up without the person wanting it to. That is called hypertropia. When one eye moves down without the person wanting it to, it is called hypotropia. When an eye moves in toward the nose without the person wanting it to, it is called esotropia. When it moves out without the person wanting it to, it is called exotropia.

What causes strabismus?

When one of their eyes cannot see as well as their other eye, people may have strabismus. The brain may stop paying attention to the eye that does not see well. The brain does not bother moving that eye in the way it moves the eye that sees well.

What kind of vision do people have who have strabismus?

People who have strabismus only use one eye at a time. They may have trouble seeing how deep something is up close. It may be hard to see when to stop pouring when pouring milk into a white cup. They may have no vision in one or both eyes, or they may see fine.

What will help you if you have strabismus?

  1. Sometimes patching the stronger eye will help. The doctor can tell you when to patch and for how long.
  2. Sometimes the doctor may want to do an operation on the muscles that move your eyes. After the operation, the eyes will move with each other.
  3. Sometimes eye glasses will help your eyes move together. The eye that is not seeing well sees better with glasses. Then it moves with the other eye.
  4. Take a break from using your eyes if you get a headache.

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