What is hyperopia?

Hyperopia is also called farsightedness. People who have hyperopia can see better at a distance than up close.

What causes hyperopia?

Hyperopia is sometimes caused by the eye balls being shorter than the eye balls of people who are fully sighted. The light comes into the eye and is not ready to focus when it gets to the back of the eye. It needs a longer distance to come together and focus.

Hyperopia can also be caused by the eye not being strong enough to focus the light. The lens and the cornea are not working well enough to focus the light.

What kind of vision do people have who have hyperopia?

People who have hyperopia have blurry vision for seeing things up close. They see better in the distance.

What will help you if you have hyperopia?

  1. Glasses can make the light focus on the back of the eye. Your eye doctor can tell you the right glasses. You can have the glasses made by an optician.
  2. If things still look blurry with your glasses on, it may help to use a magnifier to see things up close.
  3. Take a break if you get tired of using your eyes. It is hard to make your eyes look at things that are too close.

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