What is anophthalmia?

Anopthalmia is from Latin words which mean "no eyes." Some people who have anophthalmia still have vision in one eye, and some have no vision at all. The eyes just did not grow when the baby who had anophthalmia grew inside his or her mother.

What causes anophthalmia?

No one knows what causes anophthalmia.

What kind of vision do people have who have anophthalmia?

Some people who have anophthalmia have no vision at all if they have no eyes. Some people have one eye that grew. The one eye may have a vision problem, too. Sometimes the doctor will give the name "anophthalmia" to eyes that have just grown a little bit. People who have eyes that have grown a little bit may be able to see light.

What will help you if you have anophthalmia?

If you have a little bit of vision, please look up microphthalmia and read about what will help you there. If you have no vision there are many things for you to choose to help you.

  1. You can use braille and listening for learning.
  2. Computers will help you.
  3. You can use a cane or a dog for finding your way around.
  4. You can ride buses, taxis and paratransit to get around town.
  5. You may want to wear prostheses (fake eyes) so that you look good to people who can see.

You will probably think of new ideas that will help you all of your life.

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