What is amblyopia?

People who have amblyopia use one eye less than the other eye. Sometimes amblyopia is called "lazy eye," but the people who have amblyopia are not lazy. They have to work harder than other people to see and understand what they are seeing. The eye that is used less sometimes moves in a different direction than the eye that is used all the time.

What causes amblyopia?

Amblyopia is caused by one eye having less vision than the other one.

What kind of vision do people have who have amblyopia?

People who have amblyopia may not see how deep things are. It may be hard to pour water into a clear glass. The water may get to the top before the person who has amblyopia see it is high in the glass. People may not notice curbs or cracks in the sidewalk. They may trip on them.

What will help you see if you have amblyopia?

If you have amblyopia, your eye doctor can help you see better. You may need to wear eye glasses that help you use both eyes. You may need to wear a patch over the eye you use most. Your doctor can tell you how long to wear the patch and when to take it off. If you use the patch when you are young, you will not have to use the patch when you get older.

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