Work Experience

Students can expect:

  • A variety of vocational experiences that help inform their decisions about careers, or preferred work environments.
  • Vocational Experiences that address their DOR IPE Goals.
  • Job Coaches experienced in working with individuals with visual impairments. A real paycheck associated with work!
  • Application of collective skills learned at CSB, including O&M, Braille, Assistive Technology, Functional Academics and Living Skills.
  • Thorough preparation for a vocational life beyond CSB.
  • On and off campus job sites have included, but are not limited to:
    • Rocket Shop convenience store
    • Tri City Volunteer Thrift Store/Food bank
    • Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary
    • Local Fitness Center
    • Local T Shirt Printing Shop
    • CSB Front Desk Support
A student  working on hanging clothes as part of her vocational/work experience!
A student is pressing a design into a t shirt using machinery under supervision of an adult.