Life Skills

The Life Skills Program teaches a broad range of skills that are linked to each student's individual needs and abilities. The program is focused on students whose primary disability is visual impairment with multiple disabilities, including deaf-blindness. Instruction is provided through a multisensory approach, which may include visual, tactual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, and kinesthetic learning. Through these sensory channels our students develop important life skills which include: daily living skills, social skills, shopping, organization, time management, vocational training, learning personal data, self-awareness, and self-advocacy. The goal of the Life Skills Program is to enable students to enjoy their greatest level of personal independence and to participate in their communities to the maximum extent possible.

A student in the Life Skills program is wiping down cardio equipment at a local job site.
A student feeding paper into a paper shredder at an on campus thrift store, The Closet.
A  teacher working with a student on collating paper.