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Assistive Technology Coordinators

Yurika Vu
(510) 936-5525
Veronica Gunn
(510) 936-5507
Joe Vona
(510) 936-5635

Research study/survey opportunity

The Technology Program at CSB provides an outreach program to schools throughout California at no charge to the local agency.
We can provide

To request an appointment or a copy of our free technology curriculum guide, training files and practice exercises, please contact the technology coordinators.

At CSB the technology team works together with teachers and other staff to teach and reinforce student technology skills. We strive to give students the skills necessary for them to independently accomplish academic and/or daily living needs. Students receive regular direct teaching in technology in addition to reinforcement in the classroom and after school by being expected to use technology for school assignments in addition to personal interests.

What's New In Technology?

Electronic Books

Electronic Book Access Draft - CTEVBI 2011 Presentation

Assistive Technology Checklist

CSB Technology Curriculum Guides

BrailleNote Quick Reference Guides

BrailleNote Speech setting | BrailleNote Navigation | BrailleNote Edit | BrailleNote Web | BrailleNote Planner

BrailleNote GPS

Google Search

Google search engines provide a great sequential way for a beginning JAWS user to learn to conduct a search. Check out the following three url's, they are in order of complexity, the simplest being first.


CSB is currently accessing gmail free e-mail accounts successfully with screen readers. A task analysis explaining access to gmail using a screen reader is provided here in MS Word format.

Past CTEVBI Presentations

Accessible Grocery Shopping

Cooking without Vision

Electronic Books

Newspaper Access

Technology Newsletters

Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

Braille Transcription

Cell Phones




Internet Access

Math Access

Note-takers /
Braille Writers

Optical Character Recognition Software

Screen Magnifiers

Screen Readers

Touch Tablets

Typing Tutors

Technical Guidance


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