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Techbridge (Educational and Transition Program)

Marcia Vickroy - Teacher

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The Mitsubishi Electric America Foundation (MEAF) is helping support Techbridge at CSB during 2003-2005. With the support of MEAF, the program will continue to support its popular hands-on activities and also expand its career exploration program with role models and field trips. Activities and resources will be offered to girls and boys at CSB. Staff at CSB and Chabot Space & Science Center will develop resources to help other schools for the blind and their partners in education and business support field trips, internships, and other activities to expand the options for students with visual impairments.

Techbridge is an after school technology program. However, it is more than computer games and Email. The program encourages girls to pursue academic and career options in technology. Techbridge is introducing girls to an exciting range of different types of technologies and experiences including: web design, scanning, digital pictures and movies, meaningful projects, talking with persons who are role models and field trips. The purpose of the program is to help technology make sense and to increase the girls' confidence in using technology and to spark creative problem solving techniques.

Students displaying their robots.
Students displaying their robots.

Encouraging Girls in Technology

What do girls imagine when they think of computers and technology? A career with exciting possibilities to which they could aspire or one that is geeky and holds little appeal? With a grant from the National Science Foundation, Chabot Space & Science Center has developed an innovative program to inspire girls in technology. We at CSB are very happy to take part in this wonderful program.

Close up view of robots put together by the Girls in Technology students.
Putting the robots together.


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