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Low Vision Services

Stephanie Herlich - Low Vision Specialist

Causes of Vision Loss in Children

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Low Vision Services

The California School for the Blind, in partnership with the University of California, Berkeley, School of Optometry, offers low vision examinations to California school children who are eligible for services for students who are visually impaired through the IEP process.  We serve students who can respond in a clear manner to the verbal direction and questions involved in a typical low vision exam.

Felix, a student with a visual impairment works with Cindy an Optometrist at the University of California, Berkeley

Clinics are held several times a month at the California School for the Blind in Fremont and one or two times a semester at the San Diego State University Health Services Optometry Clinic.

The services provided at no cost to the student or the LEA are:

  • Examination by UC Berkeley optometrists who specialize in low vision;
  • Written report on the student’s vision;
  • Optical devices for educational needs;
  • Consultation and teacher workshops from the CSB Low Vision Services Coordinator.

Please note that prescription glasses and any additional testing are the responsibility of the student’s family or LEA.

Our goal is to provide low vision information for educators as well as the students and their families.  We request that the student’s teacher of visually impaired students and/or O&M specialist attend the low vision exam, and we count on those teachers to encourage the student’s parents and other caregivers to attend as well whenever possible.

For more information or to make a referral, check out the links below and please contact:

Stephanie Herlich
California School for the Blind
500 Walnut Ave.
Fremont, CA 94536
(510) 794-3800 x228

CSB Low Vision Clinic Referral

Observation Consultation Request

Nita, a teacher at the California School for the Blind helps Rhonda, a student at CSB, learn to use a low vision aide Ryan an Optometrist from University of California, Berkeley works with Cecilia, a student with a visual impairment

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